Monday, November 29, 2010

Digital Revolution

Thursday the 9th of December we're going to have our final presentation to show off some of the cool things that we have learned this semester. We've got a big room reserved on campus for anyone interested to come learn all about digital civilization and some of the fun things we have done with our learning.  

Our group has been working hard on getting our two websites up for evaluation. We decided we would get opinions during our presentation on which format would be best for our website. We've been looking at a blog format as well as a wiki and each seems to have its good and bad features. Hopefully we can get each one to look the way we've envisioned it so that it will truly reflect what we have in our minds. Most of our time so far has been put into organizing the digital labs that our fellow class members have done so that we can show them off on our sites. Our hope is to introduce you to the incredible tools of Web 2.0 and help you learn of new ways to consume, create and connect with others. We're really excited because we think the site will be a great tool for anyone interested in learning what they have at their disposal.

(Image credit: Andrew DeWitt)

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