Friday, December 17, 2010

The chance to explore

Growing up this was always my favorite thing to do. Explore. Whether it was on our bikes pretending to be cops, or in the unfinished basement acting like superheroes, I always found myself exploring everything around me. As we grow up we tend to forget how much fun it can be to discover the world around us. Through this semester we've taken a different look at our learning in our digital civilization course. This is my final reflection post on that adventure.
photo by Håkan Dahlström
Sometimes we can get caught up in the everyday without realizing that there are many opportunities to explore all around us. If you've followed this blog you've noticed that we've taken a new approach to learning and studying. We've taken subjects like nationalism and the industrial revolution and delved deeper to learn about the enclosure movement and the agricultural revolution. We've been let loose by our professors to explore the creative internet and consume as much as we could about topics that interested us, like the atomic age.

Being able to explore in my own learning has been fun. I've gained a new appreciation for what learning really means and instead of just relying on my professor to instill their knowledge on me, I've learned that I can take the reigns and explore on my own. I've loved the class and I hope to keep this blog up as I document my exploration. Who knows where it will take me next.

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